Web 2.0 WordPress Wordle

9 Aug

Since I couldn’t decide what to write about for my final course post, I decided to make a Wordle of the top 50 fifty words I used in this blog during the semester. Its been a great experience and I wish the best to all of you 🙂


Collecting Tools for My Trip to Germany

9 Aug

In less than a week I’ll be in Germany visiting my fiancé. I’m really excited, but there’s so much to do before then: laundry, packing, exchanging money, and downloading a few apps. Less than a year ago it would’ve been my first instinct to run down the street to Barnes and Noble and pick up a phrase book. However, with so many helpful free resources that can be downloaded to your phone it just seems to make more sense.

Even though I won’t be making calls, sending texts, or using data while I’m in Germany, my phone is still a critical tool. I downloaded a German vocabulary app and an English/German translator app, both of which are free, and neither requires an internet connection. Sometimes I really appreciate how technology has shaped our lives and made things easier.

Is Web 2.0 Making Web 1.0 Obsolete?

7 Aug

Oddly enough, one of the first people to like a post on my wedding planning blog is man who runs a business selling ladders. Rather than using a typical website to sells his products, he posts amusing anecdotes and historical facts about ladders on a blog. From the blog people can link to specific products to purchase them. I just thought it was so unique that this person is turning the sale of commonplace items into an entertaining experience.

I started to realize that I’ve come across quite a few blogs lately rather than static webpages through which people are selling items or offering services. By blogging about the products, it personalizes the experience more, and in some cases I think the hype surrounding some products actually helps them sell better. So that leads me to my post title: Is Web 2.0 making static Web 1.0 websites obsolete?

Week 6 Journal

6 Aug

Reflect on what you have learned in the class and how you will use it professionally as both a lifelong learner and an instructional systems professional (or whatever field you’re in).

This class, just like mobile learning, introduced me to so many tools that I never would have known existed otherwise. It’s great, because what Instructional Designer can’t use a few more tools in their toolbox? But more importantly it opened me up to the idea of actively seeking out new ways to accomplish common tasks. For instance, I never would have thought to see if there was a digital brainstorming technology rather than just using pencil and paper before this class. But now I find myself asking “is there a better way to do this?” about everything.

What I’ve learned in this class will assist me as an instructional systems professional in a number of ways:

  • I will easily collaborate. I’ve absorbed countless ideas about how web 2.0 technologies can aid collaboration regardless of what it’s within the walls of a single office building or if its people from around the globe working together.
  • I will save money when possible. While there are many amazing programs and apps available today, there are usually free or inexpensive alternatives just waiting to be discovered. I found so many while exploring for this class.

This class has been quite the eye opener and it also introduced me to a new hobby. I really love blogging now, and I plan on keeping my wedding planning blog going after this class. 🙂


4 Aug

Last week I discovered Livemocha when Dr. Dennen put it on her list of tools to try. I’m loving it so far.

With Livemocha, you can be a learner, a teacher, or both. I entered the community to start learning basic German vocabulary to prepare for my move to Germany next April. However, I’ve been enjoying my role as a teacher. By that I mean that I’ve been editing and providing feedback on the work submitted by English language learners.

Even though I’m intrinsically motivated to offer help to the English learners, Livemocha also offers extrinsic incentives in the form of coins that can be exchanged for downloads and lessons with native speakers. It’s a great set up so that Livemocha can offer language lessons 24/7/365 without having to staff language teachers full time.

If you haven’t tried out Livemocha yet, give it a chance! If after reading this you decide to try it out, let me know what you think. 🙂

Is Social Media Killing Social Etiquette?

3 Aug

I’m going to apologize in advance for once again blogging about weddings. But hey, I’m making the study of Web 2.0 relevant to my current life.

I recently came across an interesting piece called “5 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Wedding” and I just had to share it.

5 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Wedding:

  1. Someone in your family found out [about your engagement] on Facebook.
  2. A so-called friend left a snarky comment on your Facebook wall about your ring photos.
  3. People assume they’re invited to your wedding because you’re Facebook friends.
  4. Some think that Facebook is the new RSVP card.
  5. Facebook has made prewedding party privacy a thing of the past.

While those things to me don’t seem like a huge deal (besides for #1), it got me thinking about how some people throw out the etiquette rule book once they log in to a social media website. Is social media killing social etiquette?

Pinterest, How I Love Thee

2 Aug

I know that I already posted about Pinterest in week two… but when I saw it on the list of tools to try this week, I got really excited. I love Pinterest! In my last post I discussed how I’ve been using the website the past few months to find inspiration for my wedding, and it’s been an extremely successful endeavor. 

In the past week I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest, because I’ve been trying to work with my bridesmaids to choose a dress that they can all agree on. I’ve been pinning images of potential dresses from the different designer websites with the style number, color I like, and the price quoted from local bridal shops. It basically gives us one main place that we can look at dresses and compare prices while allowing us to leave comments about them (since we’re spread out all over the country).