Week 6 Journal

6 Aug

Reflect on what you have learned in the class and how you will use it professionally as both a lifelong learner and an instructional systems professional (or whatever field you’re in).

This class, just like mobile learning, introduced me to so many tools that I never would have known existed otherwise. It’s great, because what Instructional Designer can’t use a few more tools in their toolbox? But more importantly it opened me up to the idea of actively seeking out new ways to accomplish common tasks. For instance, I never would have thought to see if there was a digital brainstorming technology rather than just using pencil and paper before this class. But now I find myself asking “is there a better way to do this?” about everything.

What I’ve learned in this class will assist me as an instructional systems professional in a number of ways:

  • I will easily collaborate. I’ve absorbed countless ideas about how web 2.0 technologies can aid collaboration regardless of what it’s within the walls of a single office building or if its people from around the globe working together.
  • I will save money when possible. While there are many amazing programs and apps available today, there are usually free or inexpensive alternatives just waiting to be discovered. I found so many while exploring for this class.

This class has been quite the eye opener and it also introduced me to a new hobby. I really love blogging now, and I plan on keeping my wedding planning blog going after this class. 🙂


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