Is Social Media Killing Social Etiquette?

3 Aug

I’m going to apologize in advance for once again blogging about weddings. But hey, I’m making the study of Web 2.0 relevant to my current life.

I recently came across an interesting piece called “5 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Wedding” and I just had to share it.

5 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Wedding:

  1. Someone in your family found out [about your engagement] on Facebook.
  2. A so-called friend left a snarky comment on your Facebook wall about your ring photos.
  3. People assume they’re invited to your wedding because you’re Facebook friends.
  4. Some think that Facebook is the new RSVP card.
  5. Facebook has made prewedding party privacy a thing of the past.

While those things to me don’t seem like a huge deal (besides for #1), it got me thinking about how some people throw out the etiquette rule book once they log in to a social media website. Is social media killing social etiquette?


One Response to “Is Social Media Killing Social Etiquette?”

  1. Vanessa August 4, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    At the family wedding I attended a few weeks ago, I found myself hesitant to post anything to FB. I felt like it was the bride’s right to control the FB info about her own wedding.

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