Is Web 2.0 Making Web 1.0 Obsolete?

7 Aug

Oddly enough, one of the first people to like a post on my wedding planning blog is man who runs a business selling ladders. Rather than using a typical website to sells his products, he posts amusing anecdotes and historical facts about ladders on a blog. From the blog people can link to specific products to purchase them. I just thought it was so unique that this person is turning the sale of commonplace items into an entertaining experience.

I started to realize that I’ve come across quite a few blogs lately rather than static webpages through which people are selling items or offering services. By blogging about the products, it personalizes the experience more, and in some cases I think the hype surrounding some products actually helps them sell better. So that leads me to my post title: Is Web 2.0 making static Web 1.0 websites obsolete?


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