Collecting Tools for My Trip to Germany

9 Aug

In less than a week I’ll be in Germany visiting my fiancé. I’m really excited, but there’s so much to do before then: laundry, packing, exchanging money, and downloading a few apps. Less than a year ago it would’ve been my first instinct to run down the street to Barnes and Noble and pick up a phrase book. However, with so many helpful free resources that can be downloaded to your phone it just seems to make more sense.

Even though I won’t be making calls, sending texts, or using data while I’m in Germany, my phone is still a critical tool. I downloaded a German vocabulary app and an English/German translator app, both of which are free, and neither requires an internet connection. Sometimes I really appreciate how technology has shaped our lives and made things easier.


One Response to “Collecting Tools for My Trip to Germany”

  1. skyholm August 9, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Have a great trip! Good luck with the rest of your classes – be nice to the next batch of coasties.

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