Week 4 Journal

24 Jul

How do issues such as authorship, copyright and open access impact your desire, ability and willingness to engage in produsage, both personally and professionally?

Issues like authorship, copyright, and open access have little affect on my ability and willingness to engage in produsage.

Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t knowingly use someone’s creative product without giving them credit for it. But in today’s world of using search engines to find the first image or video or quote that you can, how can you really be sure that you’re even giving the original author credit? Or how could you know that the image you’re using was actually intended to be sold, but someone else posted it up for free? I think web 2.0 is killing the power of authorship and copyright laws.

In regards to the original creative products that I post online, I do so cautiously. I know that if someone wants to take something I’ve said, a photo I’ve taken, or a video I’ve produced and represent it as their own, I probably won’t ever know about it. And even if I do find out, what will I do about it? Probably nothing. I don’t post things online that I don’t intend for the world to see and use.


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