Week 3 Journal

20 Jul

What uses might a collaborative wiki or blog have in your current work environment? How would they support learning and/or performance? What would be the design and implementation challenges if management tried to do this? What would be the design and implementation challenges of a user-initiated effort?

Currently I work as a graduate assistant at FSU, helping the Director of Intern Support establish teaching internships for students finishing up their education degrees. I think a blog could be integrated into our activities to support new student teachers. For instance, after they complete their orientation we could post the materials covered and offer them a chance to ask questions they might have been too nervous to ask in person. Or it could work as a forum for interns to share their experiences and reach out to the other people going through the exact same thing.

Likely it would be the graduate assistant in my position that would design and implement the blog rather than one of the faculty or staff members. Therefore, the primary issue would be keeping it consistent during transitions from one assistant to the next. I think having user-initiated features, like an open forum, could work, but not the full blog. Each semester a new round of interns comes through, so they would probably only follow the blog until the completion of their internship and then the next batch would start following it.

I really like this idea though. I’ll be bringing it up to my boss before our next orientation session this fall 🙂


One Response to “Week 3 Journal”

  1. jenschmutz July 20, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    I think that’s a great idea Katie! I wish they would have had that during my internship.I remember being very intimidated by my cooperating teacher. I would have loved to of had a spot where I could had asked for advice or just gotten some encouragement. The blog would have been the perfect place for that.

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