Class Vibes

16 Jul

Dr. Dennen’s announcement today about the vibes in EME6414 land (cool, overwhelmed, finding a groove) seems right on target. Personally, I feel overwhelmed in general right now. I’m taking two courses, participating in supervised research, starting an internship, in the process of moving, and planning a wedding. Kudos to those of you that have kids on top of all of that!

I’m definitely interested in the Web 2.0 articles and tools I’ve checked out so far, but I think I would have preferred to take this course over 15 weeks rather than 6, so that there would be time to digest everything without rushing from one task to the next. However, even though it’s a bit overwhelming now, I like this class, because it’s introducing me to tools that I can use during the remainder of graduate school and the beginning of my career.

A good thing though is that I feel like I’ve found my groove. I try to split up the weekly tasks during each of the week days so that on the weekends I can focus on my non-school related responsibilities. I also feel like I’ve fallen into the happy medium between hanging back and being heavily connected. I guess I’ll know soon enough.


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