Web 2.0 Tools I’ve Used

8 Jul

Since I’m still trying to fully grasp what Web 2.0 is, I searched for lists of tools that could fit under the Web 2.0 umbrella. The following items are tools that I’ve used without even knowing that they were part of the vast Web 2.0 collection. I tried to categorize them as best as possible, but some tools could easily fit into more than more category. Please correct me if you feel that one or more of these tools are not considered Web 2.0 tools.

Presentation tools: Prezi, Voice Thread

Collaboration tools: Skype, Google Docs

Social networking tools: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (just started), Myspace (in high school)

Blogging tools: I’ve mostly been a follower of blogs devoted to crafts, wedding planning, and interior design and I’m not dedicated to one particular site

Image/Photo sharing tools: Photobucket, Flickr


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